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With over 40 years of service, CSC is proud of the IMPACT we have made on the lives and wellbeing of over half a million community members.

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With the people we have served, we could fill every seat in Reser stadium 10 times.

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Roofs Over Heads

Since March of 2020, about 50% of Oregonians have experienced income or job loss during the pandemic. That leaves 1 in 3 households in Oregon unable to pay rent right now. This means our Housing and Utility Assistance programs have been in high demand.


Since the start of 2020, CSC has assisted over 2,100 people comprising 750+ households with rental assistance, over 75% of those households being COVID-impacted.



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CSC has helped nearly 500 individuals escape homelessness since the start of 2020. Between support for rent, deposits, fees and utilities, CSC has provided over $625,000 in rapid response to these individuals. More than 95% of participants that have finished our program have now been permanently housed.

Our Supportive Services for Veteran Families has served nearly 80 families over the last year, totaling about 140 individuals. Among those, 24 Veterans had been homeless for longer than a year. 100% of participants have now been permanently housed.

Over 1,600 community members, across 550 households, have received COVID rental assistance since the start of the pandemic, totaling more than $2.7 million in assistance.


COVID-Related Rental Assistance Expended


Households with covid-Related Rental Assistance

Utility Assistance

Utility Assistance has helped over 15,000 people this year, providing more than $2.7 million in assistance with utility bills to our community, and more every day. We’ve helped over 2,600 people between 850 households that were COVID-impacted, providing $541,000 in assistance for utility bills.


Total Utility assistance


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COVID Related Utility Assistance

Fighting Hunger

Providing 109,400 pounds of food to the community each week since the start of the pandemic, Linn Benton Food Share is one of our most robust programs.

With the help of partners and volunteers, each week we supply member agencies and meal sites with enough food for over 30,600 meals. We also deliver 3,000 food boxes – enough to serve over 9,500 people a week.

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Working Remotely With Families

We’re working closely with families while starting our academic year remotely. Head Start curricula and other helpful resources are available on the website.

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MEALS for Head Start Students

60,000 meals served to students each academic year at Community Services Consortium

Plan for the future

Education For Everyone

Our employment and educational programs provide hands-on training and foster the confidence needed to open doors for future possibilities from as young as our Head Start students, to our youth programs, to adult and whole-family services.

Our Head Start program focuses on the holistic health of children ages 3-5. This includes education, nutrition, mental health services, dental and vision screening, and socialization skills. Traditionally, we offer two meals a day to participants, totaling 60,000 meals in a single academic year.

Through Career Tech Charter High School, students can access hands-on training for industry-specific skills. Whether joining a drone academy, learning about marsh and land mapping, computer coding, cooking, or gardening – our programs are designed to build lasting skills needed for entry-level jobs. Career Tech has worked closely with students and families remotely during the pandemic, and has helped provide internet and technology to families impacted by the Lincoln County wildfires.

CSC Polk County Youth Programs have continued to offer virtual and safe in-person activities for our youth participants. This includes 3D printing, screen printing, and embroidery in our Makerspace, gardening, culinary arts and hands-on career experience opportunities, like the recent sidewalk reconstruction project through the City of Independence.

Our passionate and dedicated staff are working closely with each of our participants and families to ensure all of our students are safe and receiving the support, training and education to help them explore new opportunities and feel confident in these difficult times

In partnership with a caring community

In partnership with a caring community, we help people in Linn, Benton and Lincoln counties to access tools and resources to overcome poverty and build brighter and more stable futures.

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Partnerships Established

We have established over 300 partnerships with local agencies and businesses in which we collaborate on a regular basis to ensure we reach all corners of our communities.

Grateful for all our partners, we have highlighted a few who are constant collaborators as we work towards our collective goal of bettering the lives of Oregonians.

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While our team and our community partners are committed to this work, community support is essential. We welcome all to join us in whatever way you are able in our mission to end poverty and strengthen our communities.