Governing Board

Serving our Community

Community Services Consortium is governed by and reports to a Governing Board comprised of the nine elected County Commissioners in our service area. Governing Board members serve for the duration of their tenure as County Commissioners, and terms end only when members are not re-elected in their respective counties.

The Governing Board meets once a month to take action, as necessary, on issues of concern to CSC. All Governing Board members serve without compensation and are independent, voting members of the Board.

Currently serving Governing Board members are listed below.

Benton County Commissioner's Office

P.O. Box 3020
Corvallis, OR 97339-3020
Phone: (541) 766-6800
Fax: (541) 766-6893
Name Position Email
Xanthippe Augerot Chair, Commissioner
Annabelle Jaramillo Commissioner
Patrick Malone Commissioner
JonnaVe Stokes Administrative Assistant

Lincoln County Commissioner's Office

225 W. Olive Street, Room 110
Newport, OR 97365
Phone: (541) 265-4100
Fax: (541) 265-4176
Name Position Email
Claire Hall Vice Chair, Commissioner
Doug Hunt Commissioner
Kaety Jacobson Commissioner
Kristi Peteer Administrative Assistant

Linn County Commissioner's Office

P.O. Box 100
Albany, OR 97321
Phone: (541) 967-3825
Fax: (541) 926-8228
Name Position Email
Roger Nyquist Commissioner
John Lindsey Commissioner
Will Tucker Commissioner
Marsha Meyer Administrative Assistant
Heather Gravelle Administrative Assistant

We're Here to Help.

In partnership with a caring community, we help people in Linn, Benton, Lincoln, and Polk counties to access tools and resources to overcome poverty and build brighter and more stable futures.